Can Real Estate Developers Sell 1,000s of Customized Homes?

Making customization efficient and accessible for the Housing Industry.

July 05, 2023

The GCC and MENA populations are some of the fastest growing in the world and are expected to continue this growth for the next few decades. With more than 60% under the age of 35, this is resulting in unprecedented demand for new housing units. The GCC is currently in need of 1 million new homes every year. Yet the real estate industry is struggling to keep up.


To attempt and meet this demand, developers and builders have little choice but to build highly repetitive cookie cutter homes. Same layout, same façade, same materials, and same lack of personalization, for thousands and thousands of homes. This is because offering variations is time and resource consuming, difficult to manage, and will result in large overheads and sales teams that will increase the costs and time to deliver homes at scale.  

At the same time, homeowners are expecting more customization and differentiation. They are increasingly aware of their options and aspirations, and they are tech-savvy and exposed to global design trends.  


This is creating a large gap between what homeowners need and what the market is offering. The result is that up to a third of homeowners end up fully renovating their homes right after they buy them, spending over $10 billion USD every year on rework and waste.  


But is there a way to allow homeowners to customize and personalize their homes, at the same time maintain efficiency and cost effectiveness on the developer side?


Yes, there is, it is now possible to customize homes, at scale.  


Konn Technologies provides a set of tools that enable real estate developers to offer thousands of variations on home designs, with simplicity and ease. Our Online Design Studio provides a user-friendly interface for home buyers, to select their options from a large set of predesigned options, select the materials, learn about their potential homes, and share ideas with their family and friends, all at the comfort of their homes.

Once they make their selections, the orders are processed through our Order Management System, which can accommodate tens of thousands of items and technical information, that flows directly into the developer's production and enterprise management systems, enabling a flawless flow of information to the construction teams.  


With Konn’s mass customization solution, real estate developers can save waste, unlock additional revenues, increase homeowner satisfaction, and deliver faster and better, while generating insights and further understanding of their customer needs and expectations. Our solution also reduces the waste of construction materials and labor and contributes to positive social and environmental impact for better living.


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