Sell off-plan customized homes with zero hassle

Konn enables real estate developers to offer personalized homes at scale, boosting revenue without any additional supply chain complexity 

No more identical houses in your communities, make every house unique and curated

Better customized homes for home buyers, better optimized business for real estate developers 

Sell houses off-plan, online

Allow your customer to easily mix-and-match preconfigured options, like size and materials, and visualize their custom creations with real time pricing

Get more out of every sale

No need for rework and renovation, keep your communities curated and consistent, offer online preconfigured customization options and upgrades and get the most out of each sale

Faster processes and smoother systems

Manage thousands of unique orders seamlessly by connecting your existing customer management and procurement systems to our digital toolkit

An easy journey for your buyer

offer your buyers a simplified all-in-one journey for increased customer satisfaction and upselling value









Roll Out

Lead the real-estate development market with a full suite of digital tools

Customization and modularization, get the best of both worlds, for unlimited scale

Minimize the risks of off-plan home sales

Make customization easy for your buyers and team. Our digital tools bridge the gap between design and reality by providing your buyers with full control over the designs, costs, and materials before the build.

Online Design Studio
Order Management Portal

Transform your home designs into modular components for better results and quality

Through our kit-of-parts library, easily manage large databases of unique customer orders, centralize manufacturing and construction information, and minimizes discrepancies and errors in production.

Kit of Parts Library
Manuals and Checklists

Integrate with productivity systems and increase visibility

Integrate your systems to connect all your customer information and gain insights into your business.

Integration with ERP
Integration with CRM

Join the next generation of real estate developers

Excel in the housing market with superior advantages for your company and customers


Lead the real estate market with a bigger innovative offering and better customer satisfaction


Tap into more revenue by unlocking 20% premium and upsell custom features 


Upload your designs and offer unique options for architecture, interior and landscape


Manage the delivery and construction of entire bespoke communities

A unique solution for a growing market

Konn Technologies is a proptech company based in Riyadh.

Our platform enables real estate developers to offer predesigned options to thousands of homebuyers allowing them to customize, visualize and price their off-plan homes.

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