Konn Technologies

Provide Add-ons and Customization Options

Marketing and selling tool for real estate developers


Customization Platform

Property Listing

Off-Plan Customization

Upselling Add-Ons

Online Booking and Ordering

Real-Time Pricing and Visualization

Manage Orders

Shorter Sales Cycle, Less Cost

Give your customers the tools to visualize and price their designs

Reduce the time spent on order changes and managing expectations

Grow Your Business with Our Platform

  • Increase Sales
  • Collect Data
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Expand Customer Reach
  • Brand Recognition
  • Offer Pricing Variety
Increase Sales

increase the profit margin and revenue of each project by 20% through customization

Collect Data

Understand market needs and customer demands based on data and tangible evidence 

Increase Efficiency

Increase sales efficiency by 50% and close deals faster and better

Expand Customer Reach

Allow homebuyers to customize their properties, price them, and book them online

Brand Recognition

Stand out against your competition by giving your customer a sense of ownership over their home designs

Offer Pricing Variety

Speak to multiple market segments and customer pools, by offering competitive pricing 

Platform Packages

Enabling real estate developers to offer personalization options to thousands of homeowners with live visualization and pricing​, by providing tools for off-plan customization, and for adding extra elements to upgrade built projects

Off-Plan Customization

Offer off-plan customization options on your designs

Upselling Add-Ons

Upsell add-ons for already built projects

Interactive Marketing

promote and market your products through digital solutions

News and Updates

Konn takes part in the IFC roundtable at COP28

Konn Technologies pitches at MENA Angel Investors Summit 2023

Konn Technologies Participates in the Saudi Building and Infrastructure Summit

Awards and Nominations