Konn Technologies

Customize Every Home in Your Development with Zero Hassle

An interactive platform that enables real estate developers to sell customized homes off-plan​

Cut countless hours of manual communication​

Give homeowners the tools to visualize and price their designs and reduce the back and forth messaging with a hassle free live tool.

Boost your company performance​

Off-plan, online, and customized​

Save on rework and unnecessary renovations on new units and connect better with your customers​

Get more out of every sale

increase the profit margin and revenue of each project by offering customization

Faster and smoother sales 

Increase sales efficiency and close deals faster and better

Happier customers​

Grow your customer base and increase satisfaction by catering to their every unique need

Lead with the next-gen home buying journey

Make home customization as easy as buying a car online with a fully digital customer journey​

An Interactive Platform

Enabling real estate developers to offer personalization options to thousands of homeowners with live visualization and pricing​

News and Updates

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