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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Konn Technologies price its services? 

We have three plans that are based on the number of units in your project, in addition to the amount of options you would like to provide to your customers. The payment plan is monthly and lasts for the length of your project’s sales cycle, in addition to an onboarding fee.

What information will I need to have ready to get started?

Details and information regarding the project, such as its size and location, preliminary architectural plans and 3D models for the options you would like to offer to your customer.

How can I ensure the safety and security of my information and my client's information?

All ownership rights to the designs and technical information belong to the real estate developer and are shared under the privacy policy terms throughout all stages of work. The developer owns the exclusive information about customers and it is not shared with the platform. Konn Technologies collects and analyzes data anonymously for product development purposes only. The platform is subject to all user privacy laws applicable globally and in the Kingdom. 

Are the designs provided by Konn? How will my company stand out?

The designs are created by you, the real estate developer, based on your vision and visual identity for the project. Our services showcase these designs to your clients through interactive visualization.

At which phase of the development of the real estate project should I contact Konn Technologies?

The role of the Konn Technologies platform begins after the preliminary design phase, and before the start of the sales cycle. In this phase, the customization options are set, and onboarded onto the platform. Our team can collaborate with your design and engineering teams to create the best customization options for your project, product and workflow.

How does Konn Technologies platform plug into my current workflow? And should we expect any setbacks?

Konn's digital tools works hand-in-hand with your team and current operations, and it offers integration options with operational systems like CRM and ERP. Konn's platform will increase sales efficiency and help generate more insights for growth.